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Embassy / Botschaft / Ambassade / Ambasciata / Embajada
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Restricted access to .css and .js[rediger]

Someone with access please edit MediaWiki:Common.js to enable collapsed status on {{Navboks}}. The template is copied from no.wikipedia, and their w:no:MediaWiki:Common.js says:

/** Navbox
 * Description: Collapsible navigational boxes
 * Note: Interim solution.
 * Maintainer:

It loads w:no:MediaWiki:Navbox.js. Additionally a bunch of .navbox blocks from w:no:MediaWiki:Common.css is needed in MediaWiki:Common.css to enable the common styles of the template. – Mvh. Abuluntu ( prate? :-) 15. feb. 2021 kl. 18:41 (CET)Svar[svar]